Tuesday, 24 July, 2007

Saying it loud...

  • Sitting alone doesn't mean that I am lonely n sad n depressed or anything equally negative ok. It simply means that I am with myself n its PERFECTLY normal.
  • Accept it: I am not a chatter box ok...I don't talk much. so while talking to me, the onus of steering conversation lies on YOU. Dont gimme des, "Aur sunao?, and whats up? , Kya hai teri kahaani? Y are you so quiet?"
  • If I am sitting with 4 people talking and I am quiet, it does not mean that I am getting bored or left out. Im simply listening and perfectly at ease:)
  • Next time when you think I'm looking ill, chances are that Im not wearing my kajal. Dats it!
  • Dont seek my opinion if you are expecting to hear only Wow, awsome, its soo good..... If I dont like it, I'll tell you that. Be ready to face it.
  • I dont alwayz bother to form an opinion about everything. So when I say "Its ok", I am NOT being shy and I am not lying. Im simply indifferent to it. So need not ask me again and again.
  • I dont blush at a compliment and I dont mind a comment. Chances are your opinion doesnt matter.
  • I dont gossip with everyone. So dont expect me to tell you all about my life and my friend's friend's life coz I wont.
  • Stop complaining that I dont call up. You are not the only person on this earth whom i know and I cant possibly call up everyone. If its dat important, try writing me e-mails. I always reply to them.
  • Dont ask me to swear on X, Y or Z thing everytime you think I am lying. I dont swear...If you want to believe me, you can do it without swearing on anything (unless as a slang).
  • Stop saying,"You are hardly a girl OR You are not like other girls!!!" Im sick n tired of hearing it and now its kinda bugging. You said it once, I heard it.
  • Stop asking, "So are you dating anyone? Im sure you are." I mean C'mon man, are you asking me or telling me! And why is it so important to know?
  • Telling you about a problem does not mean that I am asking for a solution. When I want a solution, I'll simply ask your opinion or a course of action. If I don't, then just shut up and listen.
  • Don't ask me too many questions about me. If I say leave it, den plz do.
  • Don't get into the 'analysing me' mode. I don't need you to tell me what I am. I already know it. I am not a Martian or some rare species that you get down to analyze.

Note: This post is open for updates so keep coming back to it. There is just might be something more to it.


Spectator said...

couldnt u think of any other topic :P

Supernova said...


Rebellion said...

Hmmmm. Someone seems to be really upset on somebody?

Supernova said...

ya! bt nt just one person, lots of em.

Neeraj said...

It seemed like you wanted to convey somebody about something. You don’t necessarily have to say things loud. Chances are, you will be unheard. And, those who are listeners you don’t have to tell them anything.