Friday, 1 August, 2008

Leading a cluttered life

Its 5:52PM as per my desktop watch. Im sitting in my office, kinda relaxed with the last of the reports already gone out of my Outbox....wateverrr is gonna happen, its headache for next week. For now my week and work is over.
My desktop screen sports a bird's eye view of lush green landscape with a white car steering though a serpentine road....a sort of dream...wish to be someday in such a place. However there are many icons cluttering this amazing view...shows how lazy and careless i have been offlate.
When it comes to clutter, these days theres lot of it around me....some which i cudnt help with, some which i dint bother to clean up and some which i have grown used to. Like the one on my desktop (do i sound obsessed with it?); i have been soo busy that i simply turn a blind eye to it and wat more, i add to the collection, lolz.
Then there's lots of papers n all on my workstation. Envelopes, printouts etc. And my drawer is like overflowing with papers...which are not useless; just that i need to file them in a file which is also somewhere in my drawer only.
The pinboard of my workstation still sports notes of its previous occupant. There wasnt anything of my own that i needed to be put up there and dint really want the clipboard to look bare.
My handbag has a number of papers and clippings including lot of bills of coffee, restaurants, shopping n all...the stuff that i had purchased dsnt even exist anymore but i have the bills.
My office is gettin revamped so second half of it is practically got only pillars with broken down walls. Not to forget the continuous music of beating hammer that we hear all day long...but this is one clutter that i dont really promises a better tomorrow :)
My room is something i need not say anything about....its a messed up mess and will always remain so.
Personally lot of mess took place in my life, part of the reason y i was away from the bloggin scene and everything else for soo long...this was a mess that i desperately wanted to clean up but just cudnt help it...and now im resigned to it.
I think if you keep on ignoring and tolerating something, there comes a time when you get used to it...or you just arnt bothered anymore.
Look at me...i just listed down all the mess and clutter around me instead of actually clearing it up like i should have in this time :)


Kenny said...

But then cleaning up the clutter wouldn't have been half as much fun as writing this post about would it?? ;)

Really liked ur last post too..abt the thread...the quote does get one thinking.

saphire said...

he he...tell me abt it..clutter is everywhere and seems to b stronger than our cleaning skills everytime